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Change is eduroam Wi-Fi

The Eduroam network must be reconfigured on our devices 09/28/2022. after 22:00.
The certificate belonging to the University of Miskolc's eduroam Wi-Fi network, which guarantees the security of access data, expires on October 1st, so we will replace it on September 28, 2022 at 22:00.
After 22:00 on September 28, 2022, it is necessary to re-download and install the eduroam installer corresponding to the operating system of our device from the website
The installer will modify the previously set eduroam profile, so there is nothing else to do.
This may not be done automatically. In this case, you must delete or forget the eduroam network from the known or saved networks in the wireless network settings, and then run the mentioned installer again.
The installer will ask for the university e-mail address and the corresponding password. It is important that this password is the same as the previous webmail correspondence password, its correctness can be checked by successfully logging in to
The descriptions below will help you with the installation, and our employees are readily available at extension 18-37.
Setup guide for users using the Windows operating system:
Setup guide for users using the Android operating system:
Setup guide for users using the iOS operating system:
Setup guide for users using the OS X operating system: