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IT Services (ISZK) offers e-mail address of students and staff of University of Miskolc (hereinafter referred to as personal email address) for the University's central mail system. A student or employee may have only one personal email address. The goal is for all students and staff to have a university email address and official correspondence through this address.

Use of University email and mail system
Student email application

Please bring the completed application form to the ISZK.


You can login to our webmail system at

Note: You can sign in with your username (not your email address).

Please only log in from this URL, do not crash phishing pages!

Mail client

If you want to use client software for mail, set the following as appropriate for your program:

  • SMTP: (port: 465)
  • IMAP: (port: 993) or
  • POP3: (port: 995)

If you receive a letter asking for your account information, please do not reply (even if it appears that we are requesting it)!

If you receive such phishing or other unsolicited mail, please forward it to so that we can take the necessary action.