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The IT Services of the University of Miskolc (ISZK) provides IT services and development tasks that are related to the core activity of the University of Miskolc or are required by central regulations as a mandatory university task.


IT has generated university e-mail account for all active students on the new student mail system.

Your username and password will be returned to you at Neptun.

You can access the webmail interface at

Please change your password after login! The goal is for all students and staff to have a university email address and official correspondence through this address.

Central ID

ISZK maintains a central user database (LDAP) for students and staff, which can be used to access only a number of university services eg. mail, WiFi, Worktime register, HelpDesk, and off-campus services like eduID, eduRoam. The advantage of the system is that it is sufficient for the user to memorize only one username-password pair.


ISZK provides free wireless internet access for students and staff at the University of Miskolc, which requires a central ID to activate.